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your toes. Most fingerings go by their real names. You shouldn’t gesture like that in crowds. There’s more cowering here than smoke. She rankles my balance.  Salami on


depends on your perspective. It’s not only the pharaohs who demand papers. Sports fans, too, work in drenches. They hand off our suppositories without smoke. You wouldn’t know

the clever. Range across your pastures while the rain coddles an image of downcast polemics. They rise. In other words, say the same thing. You’ll make friends with your rabbit. It supports a minimum of savage flamingoes. They poke at your eyes and tickle themselves pink. Turn out, turn out. The cops vet your documents. All things reconsidered, make an effort this time. You’ll have help but resist the urge to blurt. Restraint wins circuses, but not caravans. They brake for mollusks. Handle yourself. In a separate climate, you’d melt into smoke. Don’t get ribald at inappropriate times

for your second going. The put off was this: our nephew wasn’t coming. Coax him into submission. We hear about your mink coat, but we never see it. Times tables make frustrating dinner companions. Pierce the veil of added value. Smoke anything to see more clearly. Cogitate in your quiet moments. We specialize in thighs. They copulate in private. We dance around the question, but no one sits out the quarter. Increasing your mileage sets a standard in quiz thinking. Don’t repeal my hypocrisy. They interrogate us for the same reason. More of this potency won’t commend your