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When people ask how we were inspired to print Abe’s Penny on postcards, we always talk about the number of postcards we sent as kids. We sent postcards all the way through college. I sent letters, too. Lots of them.

We also talk about how Abe’s Penny makes opening your mailbox fun again. Very few people send snail mail these days, but I still hope something great’s going to show up in my mailbox — a letter from an old friend, or (and this is a big dream) a package — but the bulkiest thing I’ve found lately is a SAKS 5th Ave catalogue and I don’t even know how they got my address.

So, I’m going to stop wishing for mail to descend upon me and start sending it out again. Maybe one of these old friends will write back. Here’s my first, to a friend I met in LA who now lives in Massachusetts. The postcard was given to me by Melissa Lohman Wild from Viva Snail Mail. She also does great kids events.


If you attended Hyperallergic’s Mail Art show, you may very well have handled an Abe’s Penny postcard. Is this you?

Thanks for including us, Hyperallergic!


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As part of the Abe’s Penny Live Exhibit, AP left behind a typical Miami postcard stamped and addressed to our HQ with the questions, “How does this make you feel?”