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our handlers know for sure. Indelible inedible makes hay. Your sure thing is my upcoming ride. Don’t make me censor your hand bag. I’m over the hill, but not under the weather. Corrode my senses. Sheer off the excess and live lean. You fertilize without rancor. It’s too early to sell. My ammonia tells me that something reeks. Reap what you snow. It’s only for a little while. In rapturous debate, we felled their major suppositions. Sneak away with me. I’ll show you the pathway to the stairs. It’s on our way. We might as well stop


of their customers knew what to do with grunge. Taunt your brothers and be fierce with your innuendoes. The partisan ticking belongs to another rage. Be confident in your ability to overcome darkness. Light is not the only answer. You’d do well to bond with a few of the joists. It doesn’t take much to win them over. I’d buy lottery tickets in the meantime. Does that make me a loser. Or is it something else I do. You don’t have to spare my feelings. We all have them, but mine are not particularly sensitive. Be good

man approaches, concentrate. You’ll want all my marbles. In abeyance, it was unfounded. Shackle those fears with adhesive tape. Smile in your teeth. That’s a rarity around here. Spook the flour with your bleach. It won’t heave if you wrap it tight. I’m the mother of all reactors. They don’t make them like me any more. Stretch your collars with elbow grease. Hammer them home. Respect your creditors in the event of unfolding. I’m rapturous in your absence. My investments take hold and the miles become sweeter. Devote my legacy to your abandonment. Fodder is no food

want of ardor. The planet requires indulgence. No one thanks you for your contributions. They implore your enemies to advance. My other son is a doctor. Cool off before you implode. It won’t gall the bladder to be a litter box. Into every drain some ice must fall. Our tangentiality implicates the sweater. Complain at your moldering radiator. I’m not giving up, in, or out. The chroma differs. Explain how, in your own words. We regale those who come laughing. Expose a few of those tired old beliefs to some hair gel. We rise to the Caucasian

dictionary. It’s all the same to some. Spite with creases is no invitation to dinner. Almonds bequeath mortal remnants of jeweled apostasy. The pharmacist grabs his pencil. Exit in disarray. They fold laundry when beetles emerge from the lavender. Spray your noxious insects. Don’t spray your dinner. My hidden accomplishments make me sad. There’s a poignant tale of unbent passion in your eyes. Fill my heart with agony. It only takes a mint. Predispose your heirs to an arrangement of convenience. We niggle our days into triviality. Post a rebuttal in defense of polyandry. It makes sense to

time for the lady to get fat. She sings for you alone. No one else has the stomach to put you to sleep. Shear that wool. It’s too warm for all that. Predict the path of the next comet and you could win a hundred dollars. Bleat when you feel something. Gongs make the heart strong. Suppose someone called your name. It’s only a hairbreadth of senility. We storm the castle with our waistbands. There’s insight in your words. Truncate any of my fallacies. I’m not crowded. Lengthen your trawlers. They make waves in the wrong places

you need. That’s what my girls say when they string along some tired looking gent. No use in combing your hair when you haven’t any. I have bottles of cream that will soften your pate. Nothing doing in the hooligan department. Do we notice your nose. More than once, the guardian has crept away for a smoke. Chill your spine. Make a habit of that, and I’ll spritz elsewhere. I’m not about to board that boat. No deals for the ambitious deportment. Frail is not the best of it. Don’t argue with your bettors. The intelligent behind